The GRSystem represents a dynamic system thanks to which it is possible to prevent gambling addiction. Indeed, independently from the models and IT methodology applied, it consists in a platform, capable of analysing game behaviour, defining it according to the SOGS and finally of sending dedicated prevention messages.

The system peculiarity consists in the fact that these three steps are not standardized according to a hypothetic medium player, on the contrary they are personalised. This is possible because the GRSystem is capable of learning and understanding based on both past data and on (above all) game dynamics of each player. That occurs in real time, with insignificant margins of error.

Thanks to the GRSystem, it will be possible for the first time in the world to fill in virtually the SOGS questionnaire without interviewing physically the players when leaving the game room. For this reason the GRSystem has been envisaged as a tool for diagnostics and epidemiologic analysis, providing to policy makers and dealers data on gambling addiction development and, and allows them to intervene with prevention messages in order to make the player aware of his possible addiction.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the compliance level between the GRSystem and SOGS questionnaire, occasional sample surveys will be carried out in the traditional way, with psychologists proposing questionnaires to players in the game rooms and the GRSystem results coherence will be compared to the diagnosis given by specialist.